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Atherline Rose Smith

Family Foundation

Atherline Rose Smith

Family Foundation


about us

The Atherline Rose Smith Family Foundation is committed to continuing the work of Atherline Rose Smith, through fundraising and fund distribution, the organization will support individuals and organizations in their efforts to make a difference in the community. Just as the African Proverbs says “It Takes a Village” to get anything accomplish so is the motto for the Atherline Rose Smith Family Foundation taking action in the community as we Live, Love and Laugh together as one.





On Dec 15, 2015, the sudden passing of Atherline R Smith may have blindsided her family but not her work. As a testament to her community involvement, the number of people who paid their respect at her final service and rite of passage exemplified Atherline Smith as a Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Auntie, Grandma, neighbor, and active community member. She was known and respected throughout the community for her wisdom and strength in her roles as an activist and proponent for social change, electoral empowerment and racial justice. Her legacy of giving back and standing up for what is right will LIVE ON.

In honor of what would have been her 75th Birthday, the children of Atherline Smith present the Atherline Rose Smith 2017 LIVE ON Walk to raise awareness and funds to support the research, services and caregiving to families of organ recipients, donors and community scholarship.

As the children of Atherline Rose Smith, we encourage you to join us in this walk.

So, get out your sneakers, sweat suits, and wrap up hair for a 5k walk (3.1 miles)!

why we walk

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